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a fresh start every time


The most basic step made better. Your Artist will thoughtfully cleanse + sanitize, preparing your hands + feet to be nourished.


Relaxation + hydration in one. Unwind as we nourish, strengthen, protect + breathe new life into your hands + feet.


Let your personality shine. Choose from high-quality, on-trend coats + boundless PROSE colors. Express your taste, or let our Artists inspire you.

manicure or pedicure

At PROSE, we celebrate hands, feet, fingers, toes.

They all need time to decompress + restore.

It’s just easy for you. And easy is how a PROSE should feel.



Signature Manicure

Our Signature mani includes lacquer removal, nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, light hand and arm massage using an aromatic + nourishing hand lotion to hydrate and firm the skin. Nails are polished to perfection.

Signature Gel Manicure

Enjoy our long-lasting gel service. Treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, light hand and arm massage and gel polish that cures in minutes.

Signature Powder Dip Manicure

Our Powder Dip Manicures are performed by SNS-Certified Artists. Choose the perfect long-lasting powder to strengthen your nails and provide a beautifully durable finish.

Just For Kids Manicure

Our Kids Manicure gently removes existing polish. Nails are trimmed, filed, buffed and perfectly polished. (Pick up to 3 lacquer colors!)

Express Manicure

Our Express Manicure offers a quick lacquer removal, filing and buffing before cuticles are pushed back and nails are perfectly polished. 



Signature Pedicure

Our Signature pedi includes lacquer removal, nail filing, shaping, buffing + cuticle maintenance. A tea tree and pumice mousse is applied to exfoliate the skin before your heels are filed and smoothed. A light leg + foot massage will leave your legs and feet relieved. We will wrap up service with perfectly polished toes.

Signature Gel Pedicure

Enjoy our long-lasting gel service. Treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance and a pumice leg scrub. A leg and foot massage finishes the service while the gel polishcures in minutes.

Just For Kids Pedicure

Our Kids Pedicure gently removes existing polish. Toes are trimmed, filed, and buffed. Toes are prefectly polished. (Pick up to 3 lacquer colors).

Express Pedicure

Our Express Pedicure includes a quick lacquer removal, nail filing, shaping + buffing before heels are filed smooth. The service wraps up with a perfect polish application. 


Anti-Aging Masque

A high-performing hand brightening and exfoliating mask made with 45% real fruit puree, harnesses powerful actives to effectively resurface and rejuvenate skin without irritation

Healthy Paraffin

This healthy, natural-paraffin alternative is loaded with coconut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E to deeply hydrate, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Extended Massage

Decrease muscle tension, reduce pain and improve recovery time with and extended massage. The service is performed using our award-winning foot lotion infused with anti-inflammatory emu oil and then ends with a delightful lemon myrtle lotion leaving them silky and illuminated.

Extended CBD Massage

Our CBD extended massage provides relief from inflammation and joint pain. Shea Butter and Vitamin E provide long-term moisturizing benefits.

Callus Reducer

This 3-step treatment begins with a concentrated cleansing foot soak, a callus softener is then applied and feet are filed to perfection. The treatment ends with an exclusive non-greasy skin mousse application.

Detoxifying Leg Masque

An enriched charcoal leg treatment designed to alleviate the feeling of heavy legs, stimulate circulation, relieve swelling and tone the skin.

Soothing Eye Treatment

Relax as your under eyes are hydrated and refreshed with our soothing eye treatment leaving skin smoother and brighter with lasting results.

your hands + feet work hard for you

Learn why they deserve a healthy routine.