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Proven space, $9B annually

60,000+ nail salons in U.S., no national brand today

Abundant, high-quality supply of Artists, 390,000+ in U.S.

Innovative-mindset drives category separation

A deep focus on the customer + Artist experience

Health + beauty woven into one elegantly simple business model

Sleek + smart boutiques designed to delight

Membership program aligned to customer’s schedules

A strong supply chain focus that simplifies + optimizes operations

Expert leadership who care deeply about customers, employees, and franchisees

a message from our founder

Welcome to PROSE.

A new map has been drawn up. Humbly, to a much better destination than existed before. By now, you have gone through our site and have learned about the next growth brand: PROSE. We have a sophisticated customer. We employ brilliant people who daily enrich the lives of others. Our humanistic focus, where profit is a by-product of performing healthy and sustainable work, paves a better path forward. In this core value, a wonderfully rewarding opportunity emerges for thoughtful entrepreneurs.

The world puts great value on authentic products delivered the right way. I believe there is nothing more valuable than human-crafted experiences. Consequently, PROSE is unapologetic about beautiful manual skills that deliver quality with simplicity. Artisanal human touches will never be displaced by any other medium. Our brand delivers consistent quality that simplifies our customers’ lives and this virtuous cycle underpins our connections with them.

Quality creates value. We are producing thoughtful growth and healthy profitability by serving the customer and the employee before our own interests. This type of value creation is why we’re a growth company, and it’s never easy to do. But, if you LOVE it, there is nothing else for you. I hope you love it as much as we do.

The PROSE growth story awaits you.

Dave Crisalli,
Founder + CEO

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