for the love ofhands + feet


a fresh start every time


The most basic step made better. Your Artist will thoughtfully cleanse + sanitize, preparing your hands + feet to be nourished.


Relaxation + hydration in one. Unwind as we nourish, strengthen, protect + breathe new life into your hands + feet.


Let your personality shine. Choose from high-quality, on-trend coats + boundless PROSE colors. Express your taste, or let our Artists inspire you.

manicure or pedicure

At PROSE, we celebrate hands, feet, fingers, toes.

They all need time to decompress + restore.

So we give members the choice of a mani or pedi at the same price.

It’s just easy for you. And easy is how a PROSE membership should feel.

join something beautiful

starting at $70/mo

Get ready for a new beginning for your nails. Choose the PROSE membership that fits your needs and enjoy the very best manis + pedis, retail discounts, services that can be shared with friends and family, rollover unused services, and so much more!







color change


nail art

+$5 (2 nails)
+$20 (10 nails)

for girls + boys, too

We proudly offer manis + pedis tailored to kids + young adults.
We’ll help combat not-so-good habits learned in childhood (like biting nails)
while helping kids understand + develop their own healthy nail care routine.

non-member rates





kids mani/pedi


your hands + feet work hard for you

Learn why they deserve a healthy routine.